Simplified parent portal, with more details.

Sounds contradictory, I know. I'm suggesting a "Transactions" view with all the details in one place, broken out as how parents (who are not accountants) would view items coming due. This would include all transactions (similar to the staff view), with the default date range of this fiscal, and sortable columns for:

  • Student name

  • Transaction type (one line per installment, for charges and credits on a payment plan)

  • Transaction description

  • Amount

  • Date charged

  • Date due

Maybe a column for "Included in payment plan".

This view would have charges that are part of payment plans, and financial aid that is applied to payment plans, only appearing as installments.

Keep the payment plan view, but add a panel for charges (from this fiscal) not included in the payment plan.

  • Petra Hall
  • Aug 24 2022
  • Needs review
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  • Victoria Little commented
    22 Sep, 2022 03:16pm

    This is a great idea. I would love a more simplified parent portal. I still haven't been able to offer the parent view of billing management to our parent community as the information they are seeing is incorrect and far too complicated to understand. At this point, allowing parents to view this section would create more questions. There needs to be a simplified view that shows transactions and the current balance. That's all I need to be able to provide this feature to our parents!