Post Date - Ability to enter and import

There are many times where payment date is not the same as post date. This is especially true for Blackbaud Merchant Payments when the funds collected are distributed a week later. In this case, the payment date would be when the individual made the actual payment but the post date would be when the payment was received by the bank. Hence, we need to be able to modify the post date as we enter transactions AND the ability to import the post date when adding to a group.

  • Shoshannah Engel
  • May 16 2023
  • Needs review
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  • Daniel commented
    15 May 07:04pm

    The post date defaulting to payment date makes posting BBMS payments inpossible without a lot of work editing payments after the fact

  • Jing Jin commented
    19 Dec, 2023 07:04pm

    Currently, BBMS payments are automatically applied to charges. Post date is defaulted to the payment date. To change the post date, the payment needs to be unapplied first, then edit the post date, then apply the payment again. This is too many steps. Since the disbursement date and payment date are different and disbursement date is used for bank reconciliation, it makes sense to use the disbursement date as the post date. Can the post date setup be changed for BBMS payments?