Automatically Add a Charge Based on Selected Payment Plan

We charge families an additional fee if they select the monthly payment plan. Currently, we need to manually add the charge to all of the student accounts if they have selected the plan, but would like to be able to set up an automatic link that will generate the required fee if they have the corresponding payment plan on their account.

  • Mark Lamothe
  • Apr 8 2021
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  • Sheila Crotwell commented
    20 Jul, 2023 07:09pm

    If the fee could be based on a percentage to allow it to update based on the number of months left in the billing cycle this would work great for us as well.

  • Erin O'Keefe commented
    20 Jul, 2023 06:38pm

    I agree if this is being planned, please also allow for payment plan based discounts. Many schools either charge a fee for certain payment plans, or discounts for certain payment plans.

  • Dave Daley commented
    9 Mar, 2023 03:02pm

    This would help us so much. Basically we have 3 plans, Early (1pmt), Standard (2pmts) and Monthly (10pmts). You pay the least for Early, a bit extra for Standard, and a bigger extra bit for Monthly.

    So I have to have 3 contracts, where, if this were implemented, I would only need 1 contract.

  • Jing Jin commented
    21 Sep, 2022 08:45pm

    Can the fee be split not based on the schedule set in the monthly payment plan? For example, the monthly payment plan has 11 payments (1 deposit + 10 installments), but the additional fee is charged and split based on the 10 installments only.

  • Victoria Little commented
    4 Feb, 2022 02:16pm

    I agree with this idea, but would also appreciate the ability to add a credit/discount based on payment plan.