Integrated contracts - Board type tuition displays based on current board type but does not take into consideration students switching the next year

Tuition Billing and the integrated contrat pulls from the current board status in enrollment management (Boarding or Day). The old SmartTuition contract did not do this you just selected what tuition to display on the contract. This is a bad design as ideally we would have the correct board type in the system right now for this year yet still be able to present a contract for next year with a different board type. We have a handful of students who switch between and boarding and day each year. Perhaps this field should be per year versus on field that relates to all enrollment tears.

  • Judith Curry
  • Feb 21 2022
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  • Judith Curry commented
    9 Mar 04:12pm

    Once again this is problematic in our environment. We have other integrated systems that pull the board type. We released contracts in Feb. and as normal, we have some students switching from Boarding to Day and Day to Boarding for next year. However, as we are still on the current academic year we really need these students to be tagged with the correct board type. With Billing Mgmt. it pulls in tuition based on the current board type on the student record. I had to change the student's board type to next year's board type, add the contract, then keep an eye out for when they returned their contracts and then put them back to the correct board type for the remainder of this year. When the contract's integrated with SmartTuition this was not a factor. Can this please be corrected? It would be good to be able to track Board Type by Academic year so you could see that a student started as a freshman as a day student then they became a Boarder their Junior year, etc. I believe the old Education Edge handled things that way.