create a timestamp in system so we can track if a student add or dropped a class, when and by whom.

There isn't a timestamp for when a student was added or dropped from a course. Having one will help us track how a student was registered (who, what, when, how, in-person or online) or dropped a class, and how data is moving from Bb to other systems.

  • Chris Huang
  • Feb 24 2021
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Employee Name Chris Huagn
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  • lauren marcus eisenberg commented
    25 May, 2023 01:33pm

    I sure hope this feature is also integrated into K12!

  • Erin Aiston commented
    19 Jan, 2023 12:21am

    I honestly can't believe this doesn't exist

  • Seth Battis commented
    8 Nov, 2022 07:24pm

    We were literally just needing this information a couple hours ago.

  • Nikki Arnold commented
    8 Nov, 2022 06:59pm

    This would be super helpful. I currently keep a spreadsheet of all of this information.

  • Guest commented
    8 Nov, 2022 06:58pm

    This would be very helpful.

  • Katherine Lewis commented
    8 Feb, 2022 04:21pm

    This is a MUCH needed feature. Sometimes a class gets over-populated and we need to remove those who were last enrolled, but there is no indication of who those students are. And, yes, we too have had students disappear from a class for no reason. If there was a timestamp/log this would help to determine when the removal happened and (even better) the logged in user who did it.

  • Angela Kunz commented
    7 Feb, 2022 01:15pm

    I would also like to see an option to print or save all gradebook entries if a student is errored out of a class so you have a history. This would be nice to have as part of the process rather than having to remember to do it.

  • Mary Revie commented
    4 Feb, 2022 04:26pm

    This would be so helpful, especially when you have a student "disappear" from a class for no apparent reason and no way to track when, how it happened or who did it. It's one thing if this is user error in students disappearing from classes but if it's an issue with the system, how would any ever know since even support can't seem to figure it out.

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