The ability to select which transactions you are going to post

When posting transactions from Billing Management, it would be helpful to be able to select which transactions to post. For instance, today I posted two payments to student accounts that were received in our office and deposited at the bank. When I filter for payments done today, there are bunch of BBMS payments, I don't want to post them yet, I generally wait until the next business day and post them all at one time. However to post the cash and check that I put on a student account and mark them as posted in BB, I have to post ALL of the payments. For cash handling purposes, they are two different GL entries, so you should be able to select the particular entries you want to work with once you apply date and category filters.

  • Dawn Alonso
  • Jun 23 2021
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  • Dawn Alonso commented
    31 Aug, 2021 08:48pm

    Hi Julia,

    That does not, that would mean doing a deposit in FENXT and then associating the payments with it, since the two don't talk that is a lot of extra work. Additionally if you are doing the deposit in FENXT, they you would have to make sure it didn't accidentally get posted twice by entering the payments in two places.

    I discussed with Jessi the ability to filter the payments based on type, Cash, check, Credit Card, Debit Card or Other.


  • Admin
    Julia Meseck commented
    31 Aug, 2021 07:24pm

    Today we released the ability to filter on payments that are part of a specific deposit. Hopefully this solves for this use case you described here. : )