The ability to delete lists

The ability to delete lists if you are the author. I have generated lists but then later find that I don't use them. I would like to clean up the "Manage List" area, but there is no way to delete a list. This would be good for all areas.

  • Dawn Alonso
  • Sep 9 2021
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Employee Name Dawn Alonso
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  • Sarah Lazar commented
    2 Dec, 2022 06:27pm

    This is crazy insane that we can't do this....I have lists from over 10 years ago that just sit there and they can't be deleted...I would like things to be cleaned up and organized but I can't do this with excess "data" not used anymore

  • Petra Hall commented
    3 Oct, 2022 07:54pm

    I would also like to see added to the Supervisor role the ability to delete lists for users who are no longer Faculty.

  • Liz Aswegan commented
    21 Jun, 2022 10:20pm

    Yes! I just created a case for this and was informed that it's not possible to delete lists. The suggestion was to add it as a suggestion here and that the developers refer to this forum "heavily. " So here's another vote and comment for this suggestion.