Count credits towards Diploma Requirements from classes taken more than once

We have several classes that can be repeated for credit (mostly arts). Currently, the diploma will only count one instance of each unique class taken. This makes the system virtually useless for determining credits needed.

  • Andrea Eckler
  • Nov 4 2021
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Employee Name Andrea Eckler
  • Nov 1, 2023

    Admin response

    Hello all,

    This functionality is now available automatically in the Degree/Diploma requirements. There is no configuration that needs to be adjusted. If a student has received credit for a course multiple times, those credits will now show within the requirements.

    If a student should not have received credit for multiple attempts, the credits must be manually removed from the instance that should not award credit in Enter Grades by Student. An example of this would be if a student received a D for a class and received credit, but retook the course to improve their grade and the credit should only award with the second attempt. In Enter Grades by Student, the credits should be removed from the first attempt where they received the lower grade.

    Thank you!

    SIS Product Manager

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  • Ben Taylor commented
    8 Nov, 2023 03:31pm

    A note here. This feature was added, but I think an unintended remaining issue is that after a requirement has grabbed a course, and the graduation requirement has been fullfilled, any additional instances of the course no longer show up under "additional courses." Because we require that students distribute courses over particular grade levels in some cases this is a bit of a problem for us. We either need all instances of a course to show up somehow, or better yet to be able to attach grade levels to requirements.

  • Guest commented
    12 Oct, 2023 07:25pm

    This shows as 'shipped'. Can you point me to where I find out how to accomplish flagging which courses count each time taken versus those that count only once and not if retaken please?

  • Guest commented
    11 Aug, 2023 02:21pm

    We need this feature for Phys Ed and arts classes (like orchestra and choir) that can be taken several times to fulfill requirements. Without it, it makes the tracking of graduation requirements impossible!

  • Travis Thielmann commented
    25 Apr, 2023 06:48pm

    Hopefully this allows an opt-out on this feature, as in my region, taking twice only counts once towards diploma requirements.

  • Guest commented
    22 Mar, 2023 01:42pm

    This would be very helpful as some of our Fine Arts and Physical education courses are taken several times. Please make it available!

  • Cecilia Kwilos commented
    17 Mar, 2023 03:40pm

    Need it!! We have multiple courses that can be taken more than once for credit.

  • john ronan commented
    7 Nov, 2022 03:04pm


    We have been investigating the use of this and did not know this limitation/omission.

    We will probably have to opt out knowing this.

  • Jonathan Tepper commented
    23 Feb, 2022 05:38pm

    Have the ability to audit or mark repeat courses to either count or not (including grades for averages) would be beneficial for requirements and transcripts, as depending on the grade the student is in we need to treat it differently. It does not need to be automatic for us, case by case or manual changes would be sufficient.

  • Mary Wall commented
    8 Feb, 2022 03:01pm

    Yes please!

  • Guest commented
    8 Feb, 2022 02:40pm

    The old transcripts count twice if taken twice when you display credits earned. But diploma requirements do not. This is not good that the two sections are not consistent. We allow students to take some courses, like ceramics multiple times with credit for each time taken. Setting up unique courses and going back in history to change enrollment and grades for the duplicates would be inefficient, time consuming and error prone. Better if we could flag which courses can be taken more than once for credit each time.

  • Adrian S. commented
    13 Jan, 2022 12:58am

    A lot of our Performing Arts and PE credits can be taken multiple times. This would be very helpful.

  • Liz K commented
    14 Dec, 2021 03:07pm

    Seem to be having an issue if student fails a semester of a yearlong course, then passes that same course when they take it again during summer school. Since it's the exact same course, the diploma requirements only displays the "2nd" summer version and this leasds to an inaccurate credit total. The student did earn 0.50 credits during semester, then another in the summer, yet, it only counts 0.50 as the overall total.

  • Scott Chrysler commented
    8 Dec, 2021 05:33pm
  • Scott Chrysler commented
    8 Dec, 2021 05:32pm

    This feature was available in EE - it is doable. As with the school sin the other comments, our advanced courses in the arts may be taken multiple times for credit. This enhancement is essential to make the diploma module function as effectively as possible.

  • Patti Macmanus commented
    22 Nov, 2021 12:12am

    I SO AGREE! Great iea to have this credit audit as part of the software, but it is useless to use becasue it only counts courses one time. Our sport courses and fine arts can be taken multiple times.

  • Adrian S. commented
    9 Nov, 2021 08:01pm

    I agree, our performing arts students take advanced level courses for credit multiple times.

  • Nancy Kierstead commented
    4 Nov, 2021 05:48pm

    We absolutely need this addressed. Our students can be in Band, Vocal Ensemble, etc. 4 years of Upper School if they desire.

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