What happened to "Manage Student Enrollment"?

This isn't an "idea" but more of a "why did you do this". Before today, "edit student enrollment" peacefully co-existed with "manage student enrollment" in two different places but today "edit student enrollment" is in both places and "manage student enrollment" is gone (confirmed by a "chat"). "Manage student enrollment" was the best thing about the Blackbaud experience for me and "edit student enrollment" is awkward and clunky at best. My "idea": please bring it back and quick.

  • Walter Janaro
  • Jul 6 2022
Employee Name Walter Janaro
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  • Joe Zmikly commented
    1 Nov, 2022 04:10pm

    Yes, please restore the previously available method of changing student sections/electives/classes (the interactive grid of the schedule). It was so much more intuitive, convenient, user-friendly, visually comprehensible, and it had helpful features, such as being able to see how many students were in each section, being able to see what was available to each student, etc. I don't know why anyone would have wanted this feature eliminated. Now when students ask for elective changes, I have to go to 4 different places to find the info that might be helpful to make 1 change; whereas, before everything I needed/wanted was on one dashboard.

  • Guest commented
    2 Aug, 2022 04:22pm

    Agree! None of us like the new view - student enrollment was much easier when you could see all of the classes, blocks, teachers, etc. This new view/manage student enrollment doesn't do much more than show you one student schedule. It has added unnecessary steps to enrolling/editing student schedules. Please bring back the older and better view!

  • Kirstin McDonald commented
    26 Jul, 2022 08:13pm


  • Donna Balbach commented
    21 Jul, 2022 02:40pm

    I agree with all of these comments!

  • Walter Janaro commented
    15 Jul, 2022 08:52pm

    Someone at Blackbaud has contacted me which is very encouraging. I take back and apologize for my comment below about "crickets".

  • Kristen Kimball commented
    14 Jul, 2022 03:17pm

    To add to my below comment, I want to explain why, specifically, this is a bad change.

    I will say, the one thing I like is that I can see the class caps. That is helpful.


    • If I know the class I want to add, that's easy enough, but if I want to browse options with a student across departments, I can't. It only shows the first 50. (What??) So I have to go to a separate spreadsheet of our master schedule to see what classes are available for the blocks that need to be filled.

    • Visually, this is MUCH less user-friendly than the other layout or the pop-out window.

    • I dislike that it doesn't pop up a new window like before, so I don't still have access to my student's academic page which I often have to go back and refer to.

    • I dislike that it doesn't show if a class was previously taken. (We have blended classes of different levels, so now if a student wants photography, I have to back out of this page, go to the student page, open their transcript and look to see if they've taken any photography before so I know which level to put them in. Colossal waste of time.)

    • This whole process takes SO much longer than it did before to make schedule changes. I tried to be open-minded, but actually going through the process was such a headache. I know school counselors are trying to save time everywhere they can as they are all over-worked...so making changes that create MORE work and that take MORE time are not welcome changes. PLEASE CONSIDER REVERTING BACK TO SOME OF THE OTHER FEATURES!

    • Furthermore, this change was made without any notification to users. I just re-checked past emails/newsletters, and there was no mention of this change coming or letting us know once it happened. This feels like a pretty poor business practice.

  • Walter Janaro commented
    13 Jul, 2022 02:34pm

    I contacted "chat" and asked where the old way disappeared to? They suggested I submit an "idea" -- whoopee, thanks. Meanwhile, when I want to change a student's schedule around, it is now taking me three to four times longer to do so and now it is tallying up courses to approve whenever I add a class for a student since I am technically, according to the modern way, adding a "course request" which is quite ridiculous. I have contacted "chat" to see how I can get rid of all these "course requests" which are accumulating -- they are checking into it and will most likely tell me to submit an idea and then wash their hands and I will be left once again with crickets. I will shut up now.

  • Kristen Kimball commented
    7 Jul, 2022 06:22pm

    AGREE 100%! This new format with "similar functionality" is horrible. Visually, it's confusing, and the process is much clunkier. I want it back. I also can't see my counselor rosters to see how many students each counselor has. Horrible update. Please change.