Restrict official note types by role

My specific example is to have an official note type called "Academic Warning" which would show only to the Academic Dean, and which would not appear for faculty / advisors in their list when composing an official note.

  • Ryan Farrington
  • Aug 17 2022
  • Reviewed: Voting Open
Employee Name Ryan Farrington
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  • Karin Cintron commented
    13 Jul, 2023 08:48pm

    Yes, that would be helpful! An example from our school are Official Notes that we have labeled "ADMIN ONLY..." which include info that we print on report cards but don't want teachers or anyone but platform managers using. We order these at the very bottom of the list of options, but better yet if they didn't appear to teachers so that we don't have to train on it and so that Official Notes UI is friendly/less confusing for them to use.