Automate the population of Custom Admin Viewable Only Fields

At current, the creation of an Admin-Viewable-Only field requires a host of unnecessary extra clicks, causing it to be extremely clunking and unintuitive. Once a custom admin-viewable-only field has been created under Core/Settings, then our users must navigate to each contact card, and activate each admin-viewable-only field before the data can be entered. My understanding is that the only way to get the fields to appear without this procedure is with a data upload, which is not practical for any of our custom fields.

What would be optimal is if, once the custom field has been created, that it automatically populates in the location desired. It's shocking to me that it has not already been designed this way, as it is the only intuitive approach.

Thank you for considering this request.

  • Tamara Photiadis
  • Nov 9 2022
Employee Name Tamara Photiadis
User System Admin
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