Classes that count toward 1 degree should not appear in 2nd degree audit for returning students

There is a phrase in higher ed, "you can't double dip." Meaning, if a student were to take a course and use it to fulfill the requirements of a Bachelor's Degree, if they then returned to pursue a Master's degree, they couldn't use the same course to meet one of their Master's degree requirements. We have been told by case central that the current degree requirements area doesn't allow for this kind of restriction. We did use the "only this requirement" when building out our degree audits, but we have been told that only works within a degree (if someone were double majoring, for instance). It doesn't work across degree types. This is an industry standard. We need to find a way to accurate communicate to our students what classes they need to take, to help them plan their academic path accordingly.

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  • Dec 23 2022
Employee Name Meghan Chvirko
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