ALL fields need to be available in ALL lists-Both Basic and Advanced lists

Why can we not filter on preferred address in Advanced list?

If the field is in the system and we are using it, it makes absolutely no sense for your system to hold our data hostage! EVERY single field that is in this system should be able to be filtered on and added as a column to an advanced list AND a basic list!!!

There are two types of lists and they operate independently of each other. One can clearly see the distinction in what was Whipple Hill and what is a very poorly designed SIS system!

Please make every field available for extraction on ALL Lists. If you cannot make them available on Advanced list (for use with APIs), then please provide a schedule queue that can send the lists to a SFTP location as the prior SIS did!!!

  • Amanda Shows
  • Sep 14 2023
Employee Name Amanda Shows
User IT Admin
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