Allow Active students and alumni apply as candidates

Currently Active students can submit an inquiry or application to Enrollment management while being registered if they click on the link to apply. However, if there are other steps needed for the enrollment process like a recommendation or a contract, the active student cannot view their checklist or their role as a candidate. This also affects those with a status of Alumni/Alum, they experience the same issue. The only user role status that will allow for a user to apply as a candidate is "Past Student"

As a result of this issue this creates a need for a workaround that requires the applying user to create a new User account with their personal email. This means they have their school email for their student/alum account and a personal email attached to their Candidate and admissions profile. This goes smoothly right up to the point in which we have to merge these two accounts together after the Candidate is accepted to their new program. At that point, a merging user cannot have a contract or enrollment line in order to merge. The success rate of this is not high so often times, we end up having to just manually move all of the account information from the Personal email candidate account to the older Student Email account. This is time consuming and leaves alot of room for human error.

The "idea" in this scenario would be to allow someone to have the role of Student or Alum and Candidate. The user can toggle back and forth between the student and candidate aspects of their User Profile by hitting the "three lines" in the top left corner to switch between the student and candidate role. This will prevent any issue with merging the candidate and active student/alumni role.

  • Anthony DePaul
  • Oct 27 2023
Employee Name Anthony DePaul
User IT Admin
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