Include ALL fields in the system in lists

All the fields within the system need to be made available in basic and advanced lists. I understand blackbaud has stopped developing adv. lists, but until we have a replacement, we still need to create reports that are not available elsewhere.

For example, I am not able to run a complete list for some very basic reports. Most recently, I need a list that has the following fields:

  1. course code

  2. course title

  3. number of sections per course

  4. term

  5. max. capacity

  6. number of students enrolled

No list has all of these options...

-basic lists have #'s 1-3 and 5

-adv. lists have #'s 1, 2, 4, and 6

-canned reports have variations of these, but not all.

I've spoken with support, and they confirmed these fields cannot be run in a single list. I spend too much time creating and running separate lists and going outside the system to combine them.

  • Veronica Zermani
  • Dec 13 2023
Employee Name Veronica
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  • Kirstin McDonald commented
    2 Feb 08:11pm

    I just ran into this again today. The Group Leader designation it not available in advanced lists. This is so frustrating.