Need more flexibility to payment plans

I had the opportunity to utilize payment plans much more this year and while it works fairly well there are a few tweaks that would make it much better:

  1. Once a plan is started, the ability to change payment dates would be awesome. We have all had someone call and say, can you please push the next payment to a different date. The only way to do that is end the current plan and create a whole new payment plan. A very cumbersome process that leads to other problems.

  2. Payment plans don't calculate the balance due on and item, they calculate on the whole billing amount. Problematic if you are trying to set a plan on multiple partially paid items (like in #1.) And don't move items around past January 1 or you screw up your 1098T process.

  3. If a payment plan is set the full amount due does not show on the statement, only the amount due for any past installment dates, you have to remove any payment plans in order to see the full amount due.

Thanks for reading and voting!

  • Dawn Alonso
  • Feb 21 2024
Employee Name Dawn Alonso
User System Admin
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