Add additional Degree, Concentration, and Majors to transcript options

The system only has the options for 2 degrees,2 major and 2 concentrations on transcripts. Transcripts do not fully give credit for students with more than 2 degrees.

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  • Jul 10 2020
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    Jacqueline Koca commented
    15 Sep, 2021 03:21am

    Hi Donna!
    Graduation date is separate from the degree information.
    The improvement released for this idea is the new Degree Summary section, found under the Summary sections on the template builder. This section will display any and all degrees for a student. It also allows you to select the appropriate information (Degree, Major, etc) for display. If you have a need to display the different dates degrees are awarded, this new section also allows you to display the conferred on date for each degree.

  • Donna Balbach commented
    30 Aug, 2021 07:12pm

    Is this supposed to be working now? It always let us put in two degrees, but it still only pulls one graduation date.

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  • Donna Balbach commented
    29 Jan, 2021 05:54pm

    Yes, please!

  • Guest commented
    14 Jan, 2021 12:15am

    I also agree. I need the ability to have up to three degrees.

  • Guest commented
    13 Jul, 2020 08:55pm

    I am agree Garry, we have students with more than two degrees. We are limited to 2.