Omit deceased grandparents from School Forms > User Grandparent updates

When using School Forms for User Grandparent updates, the form displays all grandparents on record, whether or not they have been marked as deceased. We would prefer not to delete any constituents, so it would be helpful if the form could ignore those who are deceased. It would also be helpful if the "Deceased" field could be made available on the form so that parents do not need to find another way of notifying us when updating their child's grandparent information.

  • Cedric Paine
  • Jan 4 2016
  • Implemented
  • May 2, 2018

    Admin response

    Hi Everyone, this has now been implemented for not just deceased grandparents but any deceased user who has the deceased flag set.

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  • Lorrin Saliba commented
    15 Jul, 2020 05:09pm

    I have a parent that is marked as deceased in Core an the application is displaying her name. Further more, when the application was processed and Connect RE ran, it cleared her DOD of 12/09/2019 and wrote a message in tbhe Connect RE dashboard that "Suzie has come back to life!" We need to suppress deceased people from displaying on school forms........

  • Guest commented
    2 May, 2018 01:54pm

    Thanks so much for implementing this. It will be a big help. Quick question though: what about the last part of this idea which is to allow parents to check a "deceased" checkbox when completing the grandparents profile update forms? We currently use a custom field on the form where parents can add that info, but this requires us to manually make those profile changes afterwards. Just wondering if there's been any consideration on that front. Thanks.

  • Perry Dement commented
    11 Apr, 2018 08:57pm

    Why am I being inundated with these messages today???

  • Susan Morgan commented
    24 May, 2017 01:04pm

    Currently, School Forms do not look at the deceased indicator for any users. When a parent dies, we view this as a very sensitive situation. We make every effort to be sure all mailings, directories,  and communications to the family are updated to remove the deceased parent. This should be a Critical priority!

  • Guest commented
    23 May, 2017 01:47pm

    I've updated this idea here:,
    as this issue doesn't just affect grandparents, but also in the instance of parents.

  • Oona McKnight commented
    15 May, 2017 08:32pm

    Our current workaround is, as soon as we are aware that a grandparent is deceased, we remove their address and put "Deceased" on the first line of the address field. That way, when parents complete the form, they see that we have listed the grandparent as deceased.

    However, the form should really have the "Deceased" checkbox as an option in case we weren't already aware that a GP is deceased and the parent uses the form to let us know.

  • Kate Feiring commented
    12 May, 2017 08:06pm

    To me this seems to be a critical enhancement that needs to be made soon.  There should be a box where the person filling out the form and check "deceased" and date of death (both current fields in the "Personal Information" box in Core).   I wonder what the effect is to the grandparent's record if the person simply deletes the information in the name/address/phone/etc. fields in order to get rid of the information?   Will it trigger a profile update?  What are people using as a workaround?

  • S. Norcini commented
    7 Jun, 2016 06:57pm

    This is crucial for us since, unfortunately, we have many deceased PARENTS, and they appear on the school forms we just launched last month.  We have received numerous calls from the living parents confused and upset their deceased spouses are displayed on the forms.

  • Guest commented
    12 May, 2016 08:37pm

    We definitely need the option to HIDE deceased constituents from Roster forms (Grandparents, parents, etc) . Please make this happen.



  • Guest commented
    19 Feb, 2016 09:13pm

    We had to just delete all of our GPs that are deceased from the system before sending the GP update form. Otherwise it looks like we have the GPs still listed as alive :(

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