Need a way to identify which records in RE or EE have been linked to records in Core

With EE/RE integration, we have an icon in the lower right hand corner of the constituent record that tells us that the record is linked between the two databases.  I would like a similar tool to let me know which records have been linked between RE and Core.  

This would be particularly helpful with addresses.  We are finding that duplicate addresses are being created when families make a change in Core.  I need to know which address is linked to Core before I merge the addresses in EE and delete the duplicates in RE.  If I pick the wrong address - then the duplication happens again next time I run Connect RE.


  • Candace Chesler
  • Mar 9 2016
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  • Karin Kennedy commented
    26 Oct, 2022 02:14pm

    I would add that the duplicates is a nigthmare! Everytime Connect RE runs, it adds a duplicate address even if no updates were made. I eventually end up with so many duplicates, and if two are marked primary by address finder then connect RE won't finish running.

  • Cristina Conciatori commented
    10 Nov, 2018 01:44am

    Yes, this is much needed.  Why has it been two years since this idea was suggested and nothing has been done?  This is a key feature that is missing. 

  • Mary Sanders commented
    28 Apr, 2016 06:37pm

    We would also like to have this feature.  In addition to being able to know if a record is linked at the constituent level, we would like to be able to run a printable report of which records are linked.