School Forms: An easy way to contact users who have Started, Submitted, etc

We need to be able to reach out by email to the subgroups. Having an email button for finished, started, not yet started would be ideal, even if it just generates a csv list.
  • Alexander Taft
  • Aug 26 2015
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  • Veronica Esclamado commented
    12 Jan, 2018 02:54pm

    Can't we just use the reminder notification?

  • Guest commented
    2 Apr, 2017 09:17pm

    I vote yes!

  • Guest commented
    7 Jan, 2016 04:11pm

    Agreed. Tracking down users who have not completed forms without this enhancement is way too challenging when dealing with 1100 students and 6 different forms.

  • Vincent Jurgens commented
    6 Sep, 2015 08:08pm

    See my K12CO-I-142. Phone numbers too. And forms related to entire Family...

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