The ability to add Grandparents to all children in a household instead of per child.

Currently Grandparent information must be entered for each child.  For instance a family with 5 children that have 4 grandparent's and 1 step grandparent, must enter all 6 grandparent's info. 5 times.   This is very frustrating for parents.  It would be ideal to allow parents to enter grandparent information one time for all the children in a household.   

  • BJ Drewes
  • Jun 30 2017
  • Under consideration
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  • Guest commented
    6 Jan, 2022 08:15pm

    It would also be useful if we could upload a list of Grandparents we have determined are not already in the system, with salutations, emails and addresses without having to fake a host id that we are not using for them. Each year I get a file of 150+ GP's to load as new entities and then have to manually add relationships to each student they are a GP for and relationship to spouse where couples are uploaded. It is tedious. If we could more easily do in bulk or if the relationships were easier to do (like drag and drop of family members), life would be better.