ConnectRE: Remove the required setting to choose either ALL CAPS or Sentence Case for letter casing

Currently, ConnectRE configuration requires you to select a letter casing option - either ALL CAPS or Sentence Case - when bringing in data from Core to RE. And this seems to govern most, if not all, fields. (?) So, when something is sentence case, for example, in Core, and you choose ALL CAPS in ConnectRE, ConnectRE changes the letter casing from sentence case to ALL CAPS. And vice versa.

This is problematic for addresses (like PO Boxes) and names where the person uses initials, such as JJ. I would like to see more flexibility - or - just remove this requirement altogether in the configuration (I don't see the value of it). Why can't the data come across "exactly" the way it is in Core?

In my experience, PO Box 123 (in Core) comes across to RE as:

PO BOX 123 (with the all ALL CAPS option selected)


Po Box 123 (with the Sentence Case option selected)

And the name JJ in the first name field comes across to RE as Jj. TJ comes across as Tj. A donor has a last name that is specifically spelled a certain way, with CAPS, so we have to change it every time. (with the Sentence Case option)

  • Angela May
  • Dec 12 2019
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