ConnectRE: allow the ability to "overwrite to blank" any Address fields that do not map from Core to RE

I would like the ability to overwrite any RE Address fields to "blank" for all RE Address fields that are not directly mapped from Core to RE (basically, overwrite any old data in those fields and make the fields blank). The following RE address fields (below) are not mapped, which means that the data that exists in the field before running ConnectRE "STICKS" in the field - doesn't get changed - when all the other address fields are updated by ConnectRE - which results in data integrity issues and extra clean-up:

    • DPC
    • Info Source
    • CART
    • LOT
    • Valid Date From
    • Valid Date To
    • Seasonal Address Indicator
    • Seasonal address from date
    • Seasonal address to date
    • Address attributes
  • Angela May
  • Dec 12 2019
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