Way to Pull a List of Files/Forms Attached To Records

A way to pull a report or list that will provide the information of what "files and forms" are attached to what records?

We have been adding our high school alumni transcript (from Education Edge) to the alumni record in Core, under "Files & Forms" so we have it on the alumni record and a .pdf in the school drive. Adding the alumni high school transcript to their record in Core is a very manual process, and I could easily have missed a student or two (or more), so I want to make sure all our alumni , who graduated prior to our conversion to the OnProducts. have their high school transcript attached to their alumni record in Core.

I've been using the Student List in Core and been working from graduating class to graduating class, but there is not a filter or column that can be added for noting what files/forms are attached to the records.

With EE going away this summer we want to make sure we have everything extracted from EE and are trying to make sure we will be able to respond to transcript requests for all our high school alumni easily.

Thank you for this consideration.

  • Jill Lagomasino
  • Apr 28 2022
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  • Candi Roberts commented
    20 Sep, 2023 06:01pm

    I would love this option in Core as well. We have several files that I need to see in a list. For example, teacher certification. I would like to run a staff list that includes that file in a column that I can see who does and does not have it as well as click on the hyperlink to view what is there. It could look similar to how the upload items appear in Enrollment Management Student Checklists when you click on Process Steps there. I need this in SP many ways!

  • Torin Hayes commented
    29 Jun, 2023 07:52pm

    I support all of the comments below! This feature would be very helpful.

  • Danielle Keeney commented
    23 May, 2023 04:36pm

    Being able to report/list out users who have files in any of the three locations is important:

    1. In Core (Core > People Finder on the "Files and Forms" tab).

    2. In Enrollment Management (EnrMgt > People Finder in the "Files and Forms" tab)

    3. EnrMgt Misc Files (EnrMgt > People Finder, go to the "Record" tab, and scroll to the "Miscellaneous Files" block)

  • Asim Chowdhry commented
    31 Aug, 2022 07:07pm

    This'll be very useful to have; even if available through advanced list to pull a list of users showing what files & forms attached to their record

  • shirl clayton commented
    12 Aug, 2022 01:30pm

    Having this would also enable reporting of uploaded Misc Files such as a birth certificate, transcripts, final grades, etc.

  • Anita Pinkerton commented
    8 Jul, 2022 03:06pm

    We need this as well. With the advent of Student Checklists and the ability to upload a Misc File, we need to be able to run a list of which file types have been added to each student record. It seems like it would be a fairly easy list - the data is already captured in the system. It's a table somewhere =)