Raisers Edge App Replacement

I understand that the Raisers Edge App will be eliminated in March 2023. For those of us who use the App regularly, this news is extremely disappointing. Accessing information in the database on the App occurred almost instantaneously, which has been useful when meeting with Donors..."What's his wife's name? What year did he graduate?" To access the database via iPhone without using the App is extremely slow, and information is not accessed instantaneously. Additionally, the layout of the information on the App was clean and easily accessed on one screen with little scrolling. To access the database via iPhone without using the App requires scrolling. Having worked with Blackbaud for nearly 20 years now at a number of different schools, the App was one of Blackbaud's successes. It is unfortunate that those of us in the fundraising business who require quick access to information will have had an effective tool taken out of our toolbox. Blackbaud will have taken a significant step backward if these issues are not addressed.

  • Justin Fleetwood
  • Nov 30 2022
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