We need a standard report that will include everything -- student work, teacher comments, grades, etc. -- that are associated with a student in a particular section of a course that a student can take with them when moving from one section to another in the same course.

Because of a change in math or language level, our students must occasionally move from one section to another of a multi-section course (US History, Physics, etc.). I understand that the assignments cannot be aligned across sections, because they may not be the same for all sections. However, we need a way for a student (and the teacher) to be able to have access to the work they have submitted electronically and the comments the teacher has made in the original section -- when the student is studying for the final exam, for example, or when the teacher is writing a report card comment or college recommendation. We need an electronic version of a folder of work, including teacher comments, that a student could take with them when changing sections. It would be helpful if there were a prompt to create this folder when the scheduler makes the section change, or the folder could be created automatically.

  • Linda Field
  • Jan 10 2023
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