Add Reset Password Link to EMS Login Page

Since moving to BBID resetting a password requires the user to go to our EMS login page, enter their username, then click "Forgot password?" on the BBID login page. This confuses a lot of users, causing them to send in a support ticket complaining that there is no, "Forgot password?" link, as they don't understand they need to enter their username first. Copying the link from the BBID login screen and adding it to the Education Management Login screen would go a long way to simplifying password reset and reducing incoming tickets.

  • Michael Nardulli
  • Apr 7 2023
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  • Michael Nardulli commented
    10 Apr, 2023 03:19pm

    Jessica, thanks very much for the help! I've now updated the text box as described, which should help alleviate the issue quite a bit!

    That said, it would still be preferable for there to be a direct link to the reset password page. Something to keep in mind, but much more of a minor problem with this tip.

    Thanks again!

  • Admin
    Jessica Walters commented
    10 Apr, 2023 01:04pm

    Using custom labels & text in Core Settings, you can add the link in the configurable text users find after clicking Login Help on the Core/EMS login page. We are still considering the path forward for a more seamless experience logging in, so this is on our radar. However, while users continue entering their email address on the Core/EMS login page, I wanted to be sure you're aware of the existing capability that allows you to meet this need.