Allow Schools to Disable the Google Sign In option from a way to Authenticate the User Login

I would like to be able to disable the Google Sign In option from a way that users can authenticate their login information. I would like this option to not appear at all for our school.

This is extremely important because we use SSO for our parents. Our website parent portal authenticates users through Blackbaud. If a user has set up their Blackbaud login to use the Google Sign In option, they are unable to log onto our website parent portal because when it tries to authenticate their email address and password through Blackbaud SSO, it can not find a user with this email address.

The only solution is to provide instructions to the parent on how to disable Google Sign In and then reset their email and password through Blackbaud. I am unable to disable an individual's Google Sign In so it requires, often non-technical users, to follow instructions to do this and becomes a very time consuming process.

  • Susan Swensen
  • Oct 10 2023
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