Opt out of System Notifications

Since April, our teachers have been seeing a pop-up notification in a blue box stating, "Your account is active on another browser or device." Many of our teachers are usually logged into their computer and/or iPad PLUS a teaching screen/monitor.

The teachers would like a way to opt out of this notification.

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  • May 2 2024
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  • Jared Hasen-Klein commented
    6 May 03:56pm

    These notifications seem to pop up even when it is not true. I have had users log in to a device, after being logged out of the system from all devices for over a day, and receive this popup. The false sense of panic makes it worse than not having the feature at all. I would support showing this only if there is a suspicious sign in attempt.

  • josceline reardon commented
    3 May 01:21pm

    This new notification is making our teachers very anxious thinking someone is hacking into the system. They would like an option to select to "SIGN OUT FROM ALL DEVICES AND BROWSERS". We had a teacher yesterday sign out of everything, even her phone and she was still getting the popup and there is no way to tell where it thinks she is signed in. Thank you!

  • Jeanne Townsend commented
    2 May 03:02pm

    I often have several myschoolapp windows or tabs open, as do others who work in Core or have Manager roles. I like this notification, but support the ability for each user to turn it off, either per session or, as @SethBattis suggested, when the 'other browser or device' is not the user's usual situation. I'm not sure how the system could determine that, but if it's possible, it would be great!

  • Seth Battis commented
    2 May 02:03pm
    • un usual

  • Seth Battis commented
    2 May 02:02pm

    The notification might be more useful if it showed that you were signed in in an usual location (e.g. you're always signed in on your iPad and your computer, but now there's a third location signed in that isn't either of those...

  • Guest commented
    2 May 01:44pm

    image of notification attached