Return of "Attended class" as the Default in the new Attendance interface

The switch to the new attendance interface (taking a while tab instead of a pop up window) also changed the default setting for each student a blank line instead of a "attended class". This is a tiny change that extended the amount of time to take attendance by 100%. :(

  • Christopher Obenchain
  • May 8 2024
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  • Daniel commented
    28 May 02:56pm

    The message at the bottom re: attendance left blank defaulting to "attended class" is not helpful for teachers. Issues already in play:

    • Getting teachers to record attendance is already a pain point

    • Buy-in from teachers for using technology is an ongoing struggle

    • As other commenters mentioned, this comes mid-year! Even if the above 2 points weren't a factor, you don't make a UI change mid-year for teachers. It's May - wait till the summer!

  • Ben Schworm commented
    22 May 07:13pm

    Yes, this change is ridiculous and the fact that it came mid-year is even moreso. This dropped in our tenant today and is really the last thing anyone needs to deal with at this point in the year. Thanks, Blackbaud!

  • Chelsea Fritz commented
    15 May 04:30pm

    I would think Blackbaud can give the option to select how your school wants to auto populate if left blank. This is already a huge issue at my school and has made taking attendance less efficient.