Feedback on recent Faculty Attendance Modal Updates

Some of our teachers are not happy about the recent changes made to the Attendance Modal dialog box. This was their feedback:

  • Attendance Modal is too large

  • There's too much scrolling involved in taking attendance

  • It's difficult to take attendance using a touch pad.

  • The cancel and submit buttons seem closer to each other which causes more potential missed-clicks.

  • The student photos are too small. It's very useful to be able to clearly see the student's photo at the beginning of year.

  • Harold Kay
  • May 14 2024
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  • Daniel commented
    28 May 02:51pm

    Chiming in, our teachers have had similar complains. They've also complained about the larger space between the student name and attendance drop-down.

  • Mary Zieten commented
    17 May 01:33pm

    Our teachers have some similar complaints, as well as not being able to read the full comment on attendance because they used to be able to hover over and get the full text, and now they cannot.