Report for photos

Is there a report for a platform manager to run to see user photos? If not, this would be great so that we can easily look over the photos to make sure they are meeting our posting guidelines.
  • Sarah Lazar
  • Aug 27 2015
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  • Tenley Peterson commented
    24 Aug, 2017 01:00pm

    Yes, it would also be great if we could bulk-download the images.

  • Guest commented
    25 Oct, 2016 06:45pm

    Please make the photos accessible for grade print-outs.  We do grade-level meetings and discuss every student.  The pictures help those members of the faculty who do not currently have one of the students in class.

    We would drop out the pictures and grades into a nice report by grade level. 

  • Graham Getty commented
    25 Oct, 2016 06:41pm

    Would also be helpful to display on grade grid style reports for grade meetings.

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