Add drop down menu to select the month in calendar

Scrolling is the only option at this time to select a particular month in the calendar. We would like to have a drop down menu to select the month in addition to the scroll option.

This is cumbersome to have to scroll through each month just to get to the one you are looking for. Having the capacity to choose the month from a drop down would make this a much more user friendly function

  • Deleted User
  • Aug 6 2015
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  • Janet Wittenberg commented
    18 Dec, 2015 01:59pm

    As of 12/16/2015, you can now do a custom date range within the List View to jump to another date quickly.  When you switch back to the Grid view, the month of the new start date will be displayed.  

  • Steve Smail commented
    8 Aug, 2015 05:42pm

    Multiple Calendar features needed (or restored that existed before July 1st)

    1) Calendar-specific search

    2) List view (with both condensed and full detail options)

    3) Full details view (the toggle switch should not just expand titles, it should expand all details)

    4) pull downs as mentioned in the original request but also a drop down as existed before in the /app menu for the calendar views 

    5) before the primary filters were categories, now its calendar "views". On the public side, the primary filter is still categories, but yet the primary filter after logging in now are calendar views. We work in categories, the public side is filtered by categories, don't hide the categories under the "artificial layer" of calendar views.

    6) let us set a default view (or let users set). Month grid is cumbersome.

    7) the save/restore my view function is helpful, but there's no  indication what "state" the user is in, so it's useless unless you just re-do it every time you use the calendar.

    8) pop-up info for each event often covers the day/date of the event, and therefore you have to unclick to see what date you clicked on in the first place. Day and date should be included in the event details.

    9) when you have multiple roles, kids, etc. the school menus that should be most emphasized get pushed down the left column to the very bottom, often even below the scroll. A better design should be considered for  this left column for ease of use.

  • Guest commented
    6 Aug, 2015 11:21pm

    Good suggestion.  I will never understand why they eliminate existing functionality in an "upgrade".   Yes, please bring back the ability to choose a month instead of having to click through every month to get there.