Add Boarding/Day Choice to create an account

We process a huge amount of data as an independent school, and one of the most inconvenient areas of OnBoard for us is the inquiry-to username-to checklist step. We only use the inquiry form for our Boarding Students because there is no way to add  a field to the simple, "create an account". We need a way to differentiate if a student is boarding or day, but the inquiry form is so cumbersome. It would be so much more helpful if this simple check box of boarding or day were added to create an account so that we didn't have all this extra work and applicants were put on pause from continuing the application until we are able to process their inquiries and assign them usernames. It should be very easy to add this function!!!!

  • Emily Moir
  • Aug 17 2017
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  • Gordon Allan commented
    August 17, 2017 19:54

    This should be a given for schools that have dual boarding and day programs; very frustrating.

  • Emily Moir commented
    August 17, 2017 19:57

    We need a way to know if a student is boarding or day before we assign a checklist. This would be helpful.