Receive notification when parents update contact card(s)

Because we're running a variety of online platforms for marketing, etc. it would be helpful to know when a parent (or anyone, really) has updated a mailing address, phone number, email etc. within a contact card.  This would alert our staff to follow through on our communication channels and update everything.  

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  • Sep 12 2017
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  • Oona McKnight commented
    1 Oct, 2020 12:36am

    I opted in to these notifications and then made a few changes to test it out. I received notifications for some (several hours later) but not all. I changed my own profile (both in Core and under Settings > Profile) and got a notification for those, but also made some changes (added an address and phone number) on a "dummy" student listed as my child, and did not receive a notification for that. My colleague made a change to another student's address types, and I changed a comment in the Relationship Notes for this student's father, and we received notifications for both the student and his father. However, the father's Profile Changes list did not show the change. The student's Profile Changes page did show the Relationship Note change, but not the address types. And the changes are listed in random order so it took some time to look through all 20 and find the one with today's date.

    So the problems I have noticed are:

    • We are not receiving all notifications

    • Not all changes are showing on the Profile Changes page

    • The Profile changes are not sorted by date, which makes it very hard to find the relevant change(s) if there is a long list.

    • It would be more convenient to receive an email that contains the changes that were made, rather than a link to the Profile Changes page for that person.

  • Aaron Baker commented
    30 Sep, 2020 02:20pm

    My clarification was in response to the initial announcement with 3 roles stated, "...we released the ability for platform managers, data managers and contact card managers..." We were pleased with it so I went to do the setup and found something different. I would be game to continue the additional role discussion in a new thread, but the scope is simply the details in the announcement post.

  • Angela Addison commented
    30 Sep, 2020 02:03pm

    If someone is not getting them can you open a support ticket to investigate? We've tested it and it works so if there's something different about your environment or a data issue then support can hopefully help resolve and if not will escalate it up to dev. If you're looking for other roles to be made available and would like to start another thread with what roles you're looking for we can see what kind of traffic it gets and prioritize! In the discovery we did on our first pass the roles we added were the ones that were requested. Thanks

  • ami naik commented
    30 Sep, 2020 01:48pm

    I don't understand this change. Isn't it possible for us to be able to pick an choose who should receive these types of notification when a profile change occurs? I only want Alumni director to receive any alum changes or Gift and records manager to receive a current parent/student profile change. How do I select it so only they receive those types of notification. I wish you would post video of new implementation like you use to in the past to understand the new features better.

  • Oona McKnight commented
    29 Sep, 2020 11:21pm

    I also have opted in and made changes but have not received any emails yet.

    And I agree that Contact Card Manager would be a sensible role to add to the Notifications.

  • Aaron Baker commented
    29 Sep, 2020 09:22pm

    Just to clarify, the roles that can be added to the notification are platform managers, data managers and the clones of those two roles. The Contact Card Manager role does not appear in the list of roles to enable. Is the addition of the Contact Card Manager in the works?

  • Kyle Collins commented
    29 Sep, 2020 09:21pm

    How long does it take for the notification to come in? I have had a few users change info in their profiles and I have received no notification. I enabled the notification and opted in.

  • Kathleen Steinman commented
    29 Sep, 2020 09:20pm

    Perfect - thank you!

    (A picture is worth one thousand words!)

  • Angela Addison commented
    29 Sep, 2020 09:08pm

    Hi @Kathleen Steinman yes here is a screen. Core > Communications > Notifications > filter on Profile as category

  • Angela Addison commented
    29 Sep, 2020 09:07pm

    Sorry, also meant to answer the Q of when it went live - 9/15

  • Kathleen Steinman commented
    29 Sep, 2020 09:07pm

    Hi Angela,

    Forgive me if this is obvious to others but Core>Notifications?? I can find Core>Communciation>Notifications but I'm pretty sure that's not where you mean. Can you be more specific?

    Thank you!

  • Angela Addison commented
    29 Sep, 2020 09:02pm

    It is triggered when anyone edits the profile. So I suppose if someone i.e. a manager is doing it on their behalf they can just ignore the notification since they'll know they just did it. Yes the individual users have to opt in for getting them - if they are in a role enabled in the notification settings they will see it in their notification settings to opt in, otherwise will not. Let me know if I'm not understanding the question.

  • Justin Medved commented
    29 Sep, 2020 08:42pm

    Thanks !

    What form does this notification come in? Email? Official note?

  • Oona McKnight commented
    29 Sep, 2020 08:24pm

    Will this send a notification when a Platform Manager (or other role) edits a contact card as well, or only when a user edits their own?

    Thank you for implementing this much needed notification!

  • Nancy Kierstead commented
    29 Sep, 2020 08:24pm

    Hi. Is there a way to subscribe to notifications for specific roles? Can you add in "setup options" as you do for game reminders, practice reminders, or news posted? I want to get Parent and Student notifications, our admissions assistant might want only Candidate and Incoming Student profile changes, our RE database manager may want only Alumni profile changes. Our Head's assistant would want only faculty profile changes. I definitely don't want to get an email for every single profile change for all the roles.

  • DB Manager Crowe commented
    29 Sep, 2020 08:06pm

    Hi Angela, can you please share when this was implemented? Another area of notifications is now broken and notifications are firing when they shouldn't. I'm wondering if it is related to last night's release, or perhaps this item that is now causing other notifications to not work properly...

  • Angela Addison commented
    29 Sep, 2020 07:58pm

    Sure thing. If you go to Notifications in Core you'll see under category = profile the new notification. When you edit it you'll see available roles that you want to enable it for (as well as be able to customize the message, consistent with other notifications). Users with whatever role you enable it for will then see it available to opt in to in their notifications settings in their profile, same as other other notification types. let me know if that doesn't do it!

  • Megan Day commented
    29 Sep, 2020 06:50pm

    Would also like information about how/when this was implemented. Didn't see anything about it in the release letter for today.

  • Amy Rogers commented
    29 Sep, 2020 06:42pm

    Can you tell me how to opt in for notifications? I am unable to find in

    Thank you~

  • Adrianne Rodriguez commented
    29 Sep, 2020 06:39pm

    @Angela Addison- How do you opt in? I did not see these instructions given.

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