Have all addresses automatically populate on a record when 'RESIDES WITH' is checked AND connect relationships with check mark as well.

Everyone would benefit from this idea!  Have all addresses automatically populate on a record when 'RESIDES WITH' is checked. Currently you have to add the address to each person individually if it is not populated from the application, etc.  It would also be beneficial if you could also by a check mark associate relationships vs. adding the same relationships over and over again within the family.  It is extremely time consuming to go into three siblings and add the same address and connect the same relatives (parents, siblings).   If there was a check mark type system to add the address and relatives in bulk that would be great a huge win!!!

  • shirl clayton
  • Oct 25 2017
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  • Janice Bonczek commented
    11 Oct, 2021 03:57am
    Yes this is so time consuming
  • Coco Parham commented
    27 Apr, 2021 02:07pm

    It would be a time saver for sure! I want to add that the home 2 option needs to be more enhanced too! currently divorced parents don't add the second home, I guess its not an easy option (?).

  • Jonathan Tepper commented
    13 May, 2019 01:23pm

    It would reduce inaccuracy of data and orphaned records. So intuitive to have this.

  • Guest commented
    19 Apr, 2018 06:48pm

    Please make this a priority. The way this currently works is such an inefficient use of time!

  • Coco Parham commented
    17 Jan, 2018 09:30pm

    Yes please!

  • Christie Collins commented
    8 Nov, 2017 10:05pm

    Yes, agreed!  The process of attaching each connection is extremely time consuming.  Many of our families include several children, both parents and four grandparents.  We definitely need a solution to minimize the efforts required to complete this process. 

  • Guest commented
    1 Nov, 2017 10:19pm


  • Jama Keener commented
    25 Oct, 2017 09:02pm

    That would be wonderful!!!

  • Candy Sullivan commented
    25 Oct, 2017 08:58pm


  • Jason Gregg commented
    25 Oct, 2017 08:57pm


  • Nancy Cunningham commented
    25 Oct, 2017 08:52pm


  • Liz Copeland commented
    25 Oct, 2017 07:55pm

    We need this!

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