Option to Re-Generate Contracts per student/family

I would like the ability to re-generate contracts per student in the system instead of generating them again for all the students.
  • Cedric Paine
  • Aug 27 2015
  • Implemented
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  • Guest commented
    9 Jan, 2019 07:57pm

    Thank you for listening and getting this figured out for us!

  • Sarah Bienvenue commented
    9 Jan, 2019 02:47pm

    Hi everyone as of this morning you can pick which contracts you want to generate!

  • Guest commented
    17 Aug, 2018 04:35pm

    This task would be especially helpful for contracts where we have modified fees.  Upon generating all contracts, any individual changes are lost.  It's quite tedious to keep track of all the individually changed contracts that have been issued but not yet returned.  The ability to generate for one student at a time from the Contracts tab would be immensely helpful.

  • Kendall Pillsbury commented
    11 Jan, 2018 05:48pm

    to date this still has not passed.  Please work on this!!!

  • Kendall Pillsbury commented
    9 Mar, 2017 10:26pm

    So ridiculous that when you generate a contract for ONE kid, that it impacts ALL contracts that have not been opened by parents yet.  I vote to please make this option available. ALSO, would be so helpful to have ONLY ACCEPTED STUDENTS receive contracts, rather than ALL CANDIDATES for each grade level.  

  • Guest commented
    16 Feb, 2017 09:31pm

    The "generate contracts" tab has consumed a considerable amount of  time early on in the enrollment season.  As a new contract is added and generated - every previously generated contract not yet viewed by a parent has items such as fees, deposit amts, etc. erased. The information must  be reentered or new templates created.  This is a cumbersome process.  The comments below are from 12 months ago. Can we make this a priority for this season? 

  • Guest commented
    21 Mar, 2016 02:00pm

    I agree, this would be very helpful. When you re-generate a contract, any fees added to a student's contract (that hasn't been saved by a parent) is erased! We are on a rolling admission so this means I have to keep creating new contract templates. By the end of the school year that could mean hundreds of templates!

  • Julie Farr commented
    8 Feb, 2016 11:46pm

    This would be very helpful. Since a parent can not change their choices after "accepting" the contract, it is likely we'll have to delete and re-assign some contracts. It would be nice to have a "Save and Generate" button at the bottom of the Add form

  • Anna Distefano commented
    1 Feb, 2016 10:02pm

    I too would like the flexibility to generate one-off contracts.  Please try to find a way to do this - it would be very much appreciated.

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