Capacity Planning - Change the "Enrollment Counts" Total to eliminate those 'not returning'

In the Analyze/Capacity Planning Reports, our concern is about the "Enrollment Counts" report under 'Potential Students' at the bottom right side of the screen. The 2018-19 Totals are including students who did not sign a re-enrollment contract - they are on the "Not Enrolling" chart on the left and they should not be included in the TOTAL numbers for 2018-19. We would like to have this modified so it truly reflects the number of contracts returned.

Currently, when we need total Contracts processed, we have to use the report on the bottom left (Contract Counts) and add the 'New Student Processed' to the 'Returning Student Processed' column.

 It seems that BB would provide one of these two options:

  • have a Total Processed on the “Contract Counts” chart (adding New Processed to Returning Processed)
  • do not include students who are ‘Not Returning’ or who have withdrawn their contract in the “Enrollment Counts” 2018-19 Total Column.
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  • May 15 2018
  • Implemented
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