Miscellaneous Files should show File Type as first line displayed

Miscellaneous Files should show the File Type as the first line displayed, instead of the file name. Currently, you have to click the drop down arrow to see the File Type.  All of the files, especially when received as a file submissions, would have to be renamed in order to show consistency (thousands of files in a season).  Instead, if the File Type is displayed first (like it is in the Interview Section and Test Scores Section), you would know exactly what file type is attached, regardless of the file name, and users would not have to click the down arrow on every single Miscellaneous File in order to find the file type they are looking for.  Before this update, we had to load all of the files into the Interview Section, though not ideal.  Using Miscellaneous Files the way it is currently set up would be a step backwards.

  • Angie St. Pierre
  • Sep 21 2018
  • Implemented
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