Allow Admissions Managers to View All Official Notes Sent Regardless of the "Required" Official Note Type Checkbox

Currently, Admissions Managers cannot see the Official Notes that others have sent when the "Display" checkbox is selected in the Official Note Type.

For some reason, the system is setup such that in order for an Admissions Manager to see an official note on the backend that either the Official Note type access setting for OnBoard Staff must be set to "Required", or when "Display" is used that the Official Note composer checks the checkbox to include OnBoard Staff.

The problem with this is that all OnBoard members receive the Official Note in their Official Note inbox.  As we send out hundreds of these, it doesn't make sense to flood their inboxes when the ultimate goal is to allow the necessary Admissions folks to view a Candidate's record and see all Official Notes sent to them on the backend.

As it is now, because we don't want to send these Official Notes to all our Admissions Official Note inboxes, they have to impersonate one another and look at individual records just to see whether an official note has already been sent, which is incredibly inefficient.

It seems that there is an unnecessary linkage between the "front-end" Official Notes that appear in the Official Notes mailbox and the "back-end" Official Notes that appear on the Candidate record that should be made separate.

The request then is to make it such that we have the ability:

  • To allow all Admissions Managers to see one another's Official Notes under Candidate records by default, or by some additional setting.
  • Allow the above to happen without requiring the Official Notes themselves to be sent to all onBoard Staff
  • Alex Orlebeke
  • Oct 31 2018
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  • Adele Uyehara commented
    14 Jul, 2023 06:50pm

    This change would make things so much easier. Thanks

  • Jackie Holm commented
    11 Jul, 2023 06:11pm

    Due to the large volume of candidates and having several team members who send Official Notes, I had over 60,000 notes in my Official Notes Inbox at one point this past season. Our team missed replies from families and had to create a new business process to ensure that we are catching these replies.

    Also, I wasn't aware that we are not seeing all correspondence until seeing this post.

  • Zach Limoges commented
    5 Jul, 2023 11:31pm

    I'll add that having to be Admissions Manager AND Admissions Staff defeats the purpose of the intended roles and is redundant. The tasks tied to the Admissions Manager role explicitly state that they may have access to view all Official Notes, but that is not the case, currently, and is frustrating.