Need ability to set agenda when opening up visits and interviews

We have the same agenda for all visits and all interviews, but we can't set the agenda when we open appointments. Instead, every time someone books an appointment, we have to go back into the appointment and copy and paste the same agenda in. This wastes a lot of time and is a huge opportunity for us to make mistakes. Other programs allow setting a schedule at the appointment set-up phase. Please add the ability to set the agenda for an appointment when we open the appointment, and don't force us to set the same identical agenda for everyone after they book. Thanks!


Also just needed to note, none of the categories below seem to fit. You should think about adding "Visits" or "Events" as a category, because it's not clear where to add questions about these topics. They could be candidates, they could be inquiries. And I don't know what Dashboard/KPI's is. What is KPI's?

  • Lauren Dennis
  • Feb 4 2019
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