Make all enrolled candidates Incoming Students until their Enrollment Date, regardless of current school year

I'm at the point in the year that we've switched over to the next school year. I just enrolled a candidate, and instead of moving to an Incoming Student status like the all of the kids I enrolled before we changed the school year, he was moved to a current student status, despite his enroll date still being august 12th, which is a month from now. 

Now all my reporting is wrong because I have an incoming student mixed in with all the returning students.

Also, because we are constantly enrolling new students through the first 2 months of school (people come late, I can't help that), every student I enroll becomes a current student regardless of when they are going to start. This means that they show up on teacher rolls and have attendance records before their first day of school. And if a kid is not in his seat, he's absent by default for the teacher, and that has academic implications.

I need all enrolled students to have a status of Incoming Student until their enrollment date for both academic and reporting accuracy.

  • Kristofer Thurston
  • Jul 16 2019
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  • Ash Smelkinson commented
    18 Jul, 2019 12:17pm

    It would just be nice if there were a way to tag students as "new students" each year.