SMART integrated Enrollment contracts should be locked upon submit

I have had 2 situations with contracts that I find to be a big problem that the information on a SMART integrated enrollment contract does not LOCK.

1) A contract was submitted for a child for 4th Grade and reflects K-4th Grade tuition.  Child was promoted to 5th grade so now the contract shows her in 5th grade paying K-4 tuition.  This is a problem if she gets pulled for an audit.  The grade should not have changed since the contract was submitted and then we would send out a non-integrated contract reflecting the change of grade and tuition.

2) I was about to send a contract to a lawyer that was submitted last year and year prior.  Back then both parents were responsible signers, both signed in all signature lines, but then custody changed so for the upcoming year I removed a parent from being responsible.  When I went to print the contracts Parent A was no longer on the submitted contract as a signer.  Luckily I caught is as I had to put him back on as a responsible signer in order to then print it for a lawyer.  

Once a contract is submitted NO information should change it should be a Locked document.

  • Julie Baker
  • Feb 18 2020
  • Implemented
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  • Sarah Bienvenue commented
    26 Feb, 2020 03:48pm

    Hi All, for any contracts submitted after December 2019, all information is locked.

  • Julie Baker commented
    18 Feb, 2020 07:00pm

    Adding to this we had a student withdraw from school.  Now parent has dispute with tuition refund but when you go into the signed submitted integrated contract the Tuition Fee is no longer in the contract.