Allow Contract list to filter on Past Students and Past Candidates

Currently we can filter on all our active students, but we would like to be able to easily see contract information for those students who have already been withdrawn. Advanced Lists will get us similar information, but they are not as easy to work with and digest.

  • Ryan Cook
  • Mar 27 2020
  • Implemented
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  • Sarah Bienvenue commented
    24 May, 2022 01:19pm

    This is now implemented 5/24.

  • Brian LeBlanc commented
    15 Mar, 2022 04:38am

    This is a necessity for schools like ours that have rolling admissions. We have to mark contracts Not Returning so that parents aren't pestered with weekly reminders even after they've been deactivated. We currently do this from a candidates list, but doing it from a contract list would be much more streamlined. An Active/Inactive filter would also be helpful for the same reason.