Student Checklists should give a notification/count on dashboard when a checklist step is submitted

I would like a notification or a dashboard tile with a counter just like file submissions for Student Checklists in order to be able to see which checklist steps need to be processed.

  • Jamie Hardy
  • Nov 16 2020
  • Implemented
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  • Zach Limoges commented
    13 Apr, 2023 06:41pm

    Thank you, Kelsey!

  • Admin
    Kelsey Huijgen commented
    13 Apr, 2023 05:17pm
  • Zach Limoges commented
    13 Apr, 2023 12:56am

    Hi Kelsey,

    Maybe it's just me, but I can't seem to access that link. It asks for new credentials, even if I'm logged into this Ideas bank. My community credentials don't seem to work either. I'd love to add my vote to the expansion of steps count on the dashboard!


  • Admin
    Kelsey Huijgen commented
    12 Apr, 2023 09:02pm

    We recently added counts that will show # of steps ready to process and # of steps in awaiting status. These counts now show at the top of the page when you go to Enrollment>Student checklists and are controlled by the School year picker in the top right of the Checklist grid. If you are interested in having a Student checklist count on the Enrollment Management homepage, please add your vote to this idea: 'Student Checklist': Please add a dashboard to see submissions at a glance