Potential Duplicate Users

I have ran into this issue so many times where a candidate isn't in the Potential Duplicat User list. In Education Edge I could choose the records I wanted to merge. Why isn't this an option in Enrollment Managment/Core? When you have to choose to delete a record you lose valuable information such as official notes

  • Carissa Goddard
  • Nov 18 2020
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  • Daniel commented
    28 Apr, 2023 04:27pm

    Duplicate records are only flagged at creation, which majorly impairs functionality for managing duplicate users - details change all the time, and the system should be regularly cross-checking records. This is especially a problem with incoming users from EMS. RE does this, time to implement in K-12!

  • Shoshannah Engel commented
    27 Nov, 2020 04:01pm

    We have run through the issue where we initially thought two records were not duplicates and marked them as such. We later found out they were the same person and are now unable to merge them. Deleting one record is not an option as there is too much data to transfer and/or some data cannot be transferred. It would be extremely helpful to be able to merge them after the fact as suggested above to be able to have more accurate information.

  • Kathleen Steinman commented
    23 Nov, 2020 06:40pm

    Enrollment Management misses so many duplicate records and then we can't merge them making it a manual, time consuming process to merge records. Not to mention that it's open for human error at that point. Please either attempt to match on more fields when identifying potential dupes or allow users to manually select records to merge.