Please Remove the Application field lock on these 4 questions (school, current/previous, last year attended, last grade attended). Let the school require if needed.

We have students applying that have not attended school and we've had to add directions for the parent to just put in fake information otherwise, they cannot submit the application. Please remove (school, current/previous, last year attended, last grade attended). Let the school require if needed. Thank you!

  • josceline reardon
  • Mar 9 2021
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  • Admin
    Kelsey Huijgen commented
    26 Sep, 2023 04:52pm

    Hello! We just completed some research on our side to determine how to handle this scenario, so we have this work coming up. We're targeting end of October for that to be available.

    Kelsey Huijgen, Product Manager

  • Karen Faucheux commented
    26 Sep, 2023 04:24pm

    I see this request goes back over 2 years and it seems like a simple fix. We also need this unlocked. We actually want to see more than just previous year and be able to check the grades for what school they last attended. However, the ability to turn off completely should be available.

  • Kaleb Baker commented
    11 Mar, 2023 03:46pm

    It is embarrassing to receive phone calls from applicants at the higher education level trying to figure out how to answer this question. We deal with individuals who have been out of school for 10+ years. They have no idea how to answer this question. It is irrelevant to us. On the other hand, why is it locked anyways? If we are building an application for our institution, it should be fully customizable. We pay for your service, we should be able to do as we please with it.

  • Guest commented
    16 Sep, 2022 03:28pm

    It is embarrassing to tell a PreK or Kinder parent to mark a fictitious year for a "last year attended" field.

  • Chrystalle Kiefer commented
    12 Sep, 2022 12:24pm

    This is a very confusing section for those that have students not in school yet, plus it just isn't a question we want to ask. This should not be a locked requirement.

  • Dino Vandenheede commented
    28 Jun, 2021 01:35pm

    We have the same situation as Josceline. If a student hasn't attended school prior to applying, a parent shouldn't be forced to fill out this section.