Thank you Button should be renamed

Families are not clicking the Thank you button -- "thank you" does not suggest you should click it. Suggest renaming to "Complete enrollment"

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  • Apr 2 2021
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  • Tamara Photiadis commented
    24 Jun, 2022 06:40pm

    I agree that this is confusing for users. The button should define it's usage. For example, maybe it can say "Back to Home Page" or something so that they know what's going to happen after they click it. "Thank You" us much too vague. On our pages we have a notice that says "click the button below to continue" to help guide the users what to do. This should not be necessary in my opinion.

  • Sarah Bienvenue commented
    22 Jun, 2022 07:33pm

    Hi Ami, the thank you button allows the family to return back to their user page. Otherwise they would have to open a new page to login. As we have discussed before- if your contracts do not show as complete upon contract submission and only show complete upon clicking the thank you button, that is a bug, it is not what we would expect to happen, and you should contact support.

    Thank you,


  • ami naik commented
    22 Jun, 2022 07:25pm

    Sarah can we just remove the "Thank you button" or just give us access to edit the text "Thank You". Why does this exists in the contract? Yes, they have to click that button to go forward. It does not show up on the dashboard or complete without someone click this "thank you button". It needs to be removed.

  • Guest commented
    2 Apr, 2021 01:35pm

    I feel like we have seen contracts not complete where all that is left is the Thank You button step but perhaps I am crazy.

  • Sarah Bienvenue commented
    2 Apr, 2021 12:26pm

    Hi Nathan, families do not need to click the thank you button to complete enrollment. That button returns them to their files and forms, but if they were to leave and not click on it, their enrollment would still be complete.

    Thank you,