Data Validation for all Forms

Families are currently able to submit forms (inquiry, event registration, etc.) with inaccurate information in email, phone number, address, and birthdate fields without receiving any error messages. By adding data validation features to all Blackbaud forms, we would receive more accurate information from our prospective students.

  • Anna Kreitzer
  • May 10 2021
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  • Reji Samuel commented
    2 Nov, 2022 12:31pm

    In a database, this is usually a default requirement to avoid Garbage-In Garbage-Out (GIGO) situation. Similar to DOB, please make record fields such as phone numbers to have validation and not free-form. Thx

  • Justin Fleming commented
    1 Sep, 2021 05:48pm

    Yes! It would be so helpful to have the ability to validate fields in forms of all types, including custom forms made by the school, especially for basic things like phone numbers, addresses, et.