Allow reference form requests to pull preferred name

Requiring the first name in the reference request email runs the risk of outing applicants to their references, of references not knowing who the request is for, and of the applicant being forced to use their dead name. This is a safety and trans rights that Blackbaud really needs to fix without waiting on us here on the board to vote on.

  • Ronny Bradtke
  • May 6 2022
  • Implemented
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  • Jen Brakeman commented
    30 Jan, 2023 07:20pm

    Please please please make this change! The only place the legal name should show up are tax documents and perhaps the transcripts. I should NOT see my students' dead names in the gradebook, roster, or assignments. Seeing my students' dead names increases the likelihood of using the wrong pronouns significantly.

  • Ronny Bradtke commented
    10 May, 2022 06:56pm

    Agreed, Jeff--I've spent a lot of time manually tracking name changes so I can put preferred name on things like class rosters but legal name on tax documents. These manual workarounds are not safe or fool-proof!

  • Jeff Harrison commented
    10 May, 2022 05:33pm

    I cannot state enough how important that Blackbaud stop breaking the preferred name system. Any page that is not a legal document and isn't and admin only side should only show the preferred name if that is what has been set in core!